Director Of Housing Programs

August 28th, 2020
Job Position

Director of Housing Programs 

Hours of Work:  40 hours per week Status:  Permanent Position, Salaried 

Reports to: Executive Director 

Purpose of the Position 

The Director of Housing Programs is responsible for all aspects of operations, programs and reporting for the Yellowknife Women’s Centre, the Housing First and Rapid Rehousing Programs and the Spruce Bough (former Arnica Inn).   


The Director of Housing Programs will: 

Oversee all housing-focused programming and work with the Executive Director to ensure that these programs operate effectively and meet the mandate of the Yellowknife Women’s Society (the “Society”). 

Ensure that programs are delivered according to the strategic and program plans; visitors and program users are treated courteously; all files, records, and administrative tools are professionally implemented and maintained; and, all services are integrated and professionally delivered.   

Ensure that program premises are maintained and all maintenance procedures are followed and kept up to date. 

Work with the Executive Director to define program strengths/needs, implement new programming and promote the housing programs to the community.  

Facilitate a positive work environment and on-going, open communication between team members. The Director will serve as a role model for ideal professional work attitude and behaviours. 


Program Oversight for All Housing Programs 

Program oversight includes overseeing human resources, providing orientation and training, and managing all programs within the Yellowknife Women’s Centre, Housing First Program, and Spruce Bough. 

Human Resources 

The Director of Housing Programs will: 

Support program managers to interview and hire full-time, part-time and casual relief employees, as required. 

Ensure managers and employees comply with legislative requirements, Society/program policies and procedures, annual work plans and applicable job descriptions.  

Support managers to conduct probationary and annual employee evaluations, and conduct manager evaluations, to assess knowledge or skill gaps.   

Conduct – or support management staff to conduct – disciplinary reviews and engage in progressive discipline with staff when required. 

Orientation and Training 

The Director of Housing Programs will: 

Support managers to ensure that orientation and training procedures are kept up to date and administered appropriately. 

Network, research and partner with stakeholders to provide opportunities for employee professional development.  External training support may be accessed as per the strategic plan and annual budgeted allowance. 

Ensure all employee training is documented and filed within the applicable personnel file. 

Work with the Executive Director to develop/amend the strategic training plan to assist in the provision of quality, sustainable program training. 

Managing Housing Programs 

The Director of Housing Programs will: 

Complete funding applications and funding agreement renewal documents and contracts with the assistance of the Executive Director. 

Develop and maintain a listing of shelter residents, tenants and other service users. 

Develop and maintain a listing of forms/services needed/utilized as per contractor reporting (intake, quarterly reviews, one-on-one case management, day programs, employment programs, etc.). 

Maintain an updated binder of original forms utilized for program delivery. 

Review resident/participant files on a quarterly basis to ensure all forms are completed and service provision complies with the program guidelines.  

Conduct monthly program meetings to provide guidance and solicit staff assistance with program design, implementation and evaluation.   

Organize the taking of program meeting minutes and distribute copies to all employees.  Maintain a master copy and post on the agency internal website. 

Complete all monthly, quarterly and annual statistical and narrative reports for funders and Board of Directors. 

Provide oversight in ensuring all rules, policies and procedures are followed by residents, tenants and employees. 

In consultation with management staff, develop/update annual and monthly calendars of resident/participant activities. 

Network and/or partner with people and organizations to produce the most comprehensive and effective services/programs for service users (e.g. mental health support, personal care, personal safety education). Seek external agencies and volunteers to deliver presentations/groups applicable to their field of expertise. 

Ensure all supplies are available for guest presenters (e.g. flipchart paper, markers, paper, etc.) 

Conduct or attend meetings with shelter residents, tenants or program participants to solicit their assistance with program design, implementation, and evaluation. 

Compile statistical (number of programs and attendances) and narrative (description of programs) documentation necessary for reporting purposes. 

Oversee/Administer the Work Ready Program 

Maintain partnerships with CDETNO to deliver pre-employment programming for women experiencing homelessness, housing insecurity and other forms of economic disadvantage. 

Schedule, plan and deliver regular programming for women to build skills that will allow them to successfully return to the workforce. 

Evaluate and report on programs delivered on an annual basis. 

Administrative Support for Programs 

The Director will assist in the development of various tools to ensure programs are meeting best practice standards and the actions defined within the strategic plan.  The Director will be responsible for ensuring all tools are implemented and regularly utilized by all applicable program employees. 


The Director of Housing Programs will:  

Review strategic plan/ program work plans and actual services provision on a regular basis and, in consultation with support staff, adjust programming as necessary to meet shelter-specific requirements. 

Complete annual program evaluations to ensure work plans are appropriate, followed and effective. 

Ensure programs and services are relevant and culturally safe for a diverse population, and, in particular, First Nations and Inuit/Inuvialuit women. 

Ensure programs comply with all applicable legislation (e.g. Duty to report). 

Maintain, and update as appropriate, all program manuals (policy & procedures, training, case management manual, strategic plan, day program manual, etc.), 

Provide written reports for funders and the Board of Directors.  Reports will include statistics, the status of the outcomes defined within the annual work plan, events and recommendations.  

Ensure all confidential information is stored within secured filing cabinets. 

Ensure all organizational documents located within the Centre’s computer systems are backed up on a weekly basis (at a minimum) 

Maintain applicable personnel files.   

Develop and maintain annual work plans. 

Annually review job descriptions to ensure they meet the needs of the program and the contract deliverables are covered within the job requirements.   

Assist, as necessary, in preparing funding proposals for program expansion/enhancement  

Participate in Society management meetings and providing input into the strategic plan, organizational and program work plans and budget for the organization. 

Stay aware of current research and identify emerging trends and changing practices in the delivery of services for women and homeless people.  

Fill in for program employees if necessary and provide direct participant support when program needs require.  


Volunteer coordination 

Volunteers should be considered un-paid employees and as such the Director of Housing will: 

Develop job descriptions for all volunteer positions outlining duties and expectations.  

Screen and place volunteers in appropriate positions.  

Provide orientation, ongoing training, supervision and evaluation. 

Ensure volunteer time is recorded.  

Conduct an annual volunteer recognition event 

Financial Oversight 

The Director of Housing Programs will:  

Monitor the management of annual program budgets, approve expenditures, reconcile shelter fundraising monies and submit receipts in a timely manner 

Maintaining of Building 

The Director of Housing Programs will: 

Ensure the Women’s Centre and Spruce Bough Home premises are cleaned and organized on a regular basis. 

Supervise the organized receipt of donations.  

Work with NWT Housing and other applicable organizations to ensure buildings are maintained.  

Other Related Duties 

The Director of Housing Programs will: 

Performs other tasks as assigned by the Executive Director. 


The above statements describe the general nature and level of work  

performed by the Director of Housing.  They are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and activities required of this position.  Job descriptions will be reviewed/revised on an annual basis. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 

Post-secondary education in a field directly related to social work, plus three years supervisory experience within a non-profit.  A combination of education and experience may be considered. 

Advanced case management and supervisory training preferred. 

5+ years continuous work experience developing/ providing supports to women and homeless people from diverse backgrounds that struggle with a myriad of challenges. 

Broad knowledge of social and economic issues facing Northern women and, in particular, First Nations, Inuit and Inuvialuit women. 

Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to work cooperatively and professionally as part of a team and with other agencies and community partners. 

The ability to develop and implement program objectives, policies and procedures. 

The ability to prepare proposals, tender applications, budgets, reports, brochures, fact sheets, advertisements, annual reports, etc. 

Financial management skills. 

Strong time management and scheduling skills. 

Excellent computer skills. 

Updated immunization and criminal records check. 

Current CPR and First Aid certification. 

Business insurance if using own vehicle for work duties. 

Personal Attributes 

The Director of Housing must: 

Maintain strict confidentiality in performing the responsibilities of this position.  

Be self-motivated and have the ability to work with minimal supervision.  

Demonstrate the ability to accept responsibility, be open-minded and honest.  

Demonstrate culture sensitivity.  

Have excellent supervisory skills and be supportive, compassionate and understanding.  

Have excellent communication skills.  

Be able to work in a high stress work environment. 

Working Conditions 

The incumbent will work in high-stress environment and will have regular interactions with individuals who may be experiencing various struggles in their life. The incumbent will work with minimal supervision and often provide crisis management support. 


Standards of Performance 

The Director of Housing will have the following attributes: 

Self Confidence: Confident and works without needing supervision. 

Flexibility: Adapts working habits to fit a specific situation to get the job done. 

Valuing Diversity: Monitors own beliefs and behaviors with regard to prejudices and personal bias and practices new behaviors as appropriate. 

Initiative: Identifies and acts upon opportunities to address problems. 

Organizational Commitment: Respects and accepts what authorities see as important.  Shows loyalty and helpfulness toward colleagues. 

Information Seeking: Asks a series of probing questions to get at the root of a situation or a problem, below the surface issues presented.  Does not stop with the first answer. 

Conceptual Thinking: Sees patterns, trends, or missing pieces.  Notices when a current situation shows some similarities to a past situation and identifies the similarities. 

Strategic Thinking: Prioritizes work in alignment with organizational goals, acts in accordance with externally set strategies and policies. 

Listening, Understanding & Responding: Demonstrates objective and active listening.  This includes an ability to behave in a helpful and responsive manner and an ability to seek out the facts and pertinent information before drawing conclusions. 

Impact & Influence: Uses direct positive persuasion in a discussion or presentation (i.e. appeals to reason, data; uses concrete examples, demonstrates, etc). 

Client Service Orientation: Follows up on client inquiries and requests.  Keeps clients up-to-date about progress of projects.  Monitors client satisfaction. 

Writing Skills: Produces written documents that are clear, easy to understand and which generally follow the rules of correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. 

Teamwork & Cooperation: Participates in and supports team decisions (i.e. is a good team player).  This includes doing one’s own share of the work and sharing all relevant and useful information. 


The Director of the Yellowknife Women’s Centre wage starts at $30.00 and has a top end of $35.00 per hour plus benefits as per the Yellowknife Women’s Society Policy and Procedure Manual.   


The Director is a critical position within the program operations and as such is expected to work a 40-hour work week.  The Director must be flexible to work as needed during any of the opening hours of the YWC, with a one-hour unpaid lunch break as defined within the program needs and labor laws.  


In signing this document you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to comply with all the responsibilities that are related to the position, which is being offered to you through The Yellowknife Women’s Society. 

If you are interested in applying for this position please forward your cover letter and resume to or you can also apply by clicking the link below.